Recording a near miss


 A quick guide to adding illnesses to Medical Tracker:

  • Login to your Medical Tracker account
  • Click on the Incidents tab 
  • Click on the new button and select Illness  




  • Fill out the incident details
  • Click save to create the new record



What are the different fields?  

Assessor/Reporter  -
Location of incident  -
Witness Name  -
Position/Department  -
What activity were they engaged in at the time of the incident  -
Incident date & time*  Incident date & time
What happened Give an account of the incident, including any relevant events leading to the incident
What was the outcome Give an account of the incident out come and if any damage.
Details of action taken  -
Any other relevant information  -
Is the incident RIDDOR reportable  -
Have risk assessments and safe systems been reviewed following the incident?  -


  • Your incident has now been recorded