Create Email & Letter Templates


A quick guide to adding letter and email templates in Medical Tracker:


Here is a guide on using the Email and Letter templates on Medical Tracker.

  • Login to your Medical Tracker account
  • Click on your user menu
  • Click on settings
  • Select Editor

You will see the ability to select one of the pre-filled templates that you have access to. By selecting one of these, you can then start editing them.


Template Name - the title of your template

Template Type - selects which incident type this template is for: Injury, Illness, Bumps and Scrapes, Medication Use and Medication Expiry

Subject - A customised subject line that will show in the parents email inbox

Merge Tags- these are special 'selectors' that enable the letter to fill in the information from the incident you have created. To access the 'Merge Tags' select the area of the template you want to add the information to and press the '#' key. This will then give you the list of options available to you.

You can create your own template, by selecting Create Email Template.