Creating & Uploading a CTF (SIMS)


Quick guide

  • Select Routines \ Data Out \ CTF \ Export CTF
  • Click OK to a General output.

There are a series of tick boxes in this section which should be selected - Student Basic Details, Student Address and Student Contacts.

In the Student Options section make sure that the View is set to Current students and that Include students already exported is ticked.
Click on Refresh Students to ensure that you have all of the children- you want to export all of the children.

You will need to export the children to a destination school. To do this first left click in the top Destination School cell, a drop down arrow will appear in the cell, then right mouse click in the same cell and click on Select All.

Then from the drop down list in the cell select the school, which will be your own school, and ensure the school name appears beside every child. Then click on Export CTF and the CTF file will be created. Make a note of the filename and then click OK. This is the file that will be required for creating a new Medical Tracker database or updating an existing one.


Uploading the CTF to Medical Tracker

To upload your CTF file to your Medical Tracker database you will need to select the 'Settings' module, 'Addons' and then 'CTF'. 

  • Select which Management Information System you exported the data from
  • select 'Choose File'. Find the CTF you just created and press 'Open' and then 'Upload New Student Data'. 

It will take around 10-30 seconds to upload the data. 

Once successful you will be taken to the 'Students' module and you will see a green success message. 

CTF Setup

Use Tools\ Setups \ CTF to open the settings screen. Although the paths of the CTF Import and

Export directories can be personalised, they will probably already have been defined as



Checking / Creating a Destination School 

  • Click on Tools \Other Schools
  • Click the Search button.

The schools listed are not in alphabetical order so to make it easier to search click the column header to re-sort.

Make sure that your own school is in the list of schools. If not click the New icon and add your school. Save and Close.