If your school's link with Capita SIMS isn't working properly then Medical Tracker will need to know what the problem is before being able to resolve it. The easiest and simplest way to do this is to follow the instructions below. Once finished screenshot the command prompt ('PrtScrn' button on Windows and paste into an email) and send it to: support@medicaltracker.co.uk


Open Command Prompt and follow these instructions (you need to press 'Enter' after you follow each instruction):


1. Type in (after the >) cd C:\  


2. Then cd "Program Files"


3. Then cd "Medical Tracker"


(if Medical Tracker doesn't exist then please re-try number 2 but type in "Program Files (x86)")


4. Then cd "Medical Tracker"    (there is a file within the Medical Tracker file called 'Medical Tracker' that we need to access)


5. Then type in dir


(a long list of data should then appear- please scroll down to the bottom)


6. Then after the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Medical Tracker\Medical Tracker> please enter MedTrackerDX


(it should then look like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Medical Tracker\Medical Tracker>MedTrackerDX)


7. It will then display the information we need to sort the problem- if you could screenshot this and send it to me it would be great.



'Click here' or on the image below to download a full screen size copy.



If you run into any difficulties you can contact us on 020 3743 9599 or theteam@medicaltracker.co.uk