Welcome to the Students Profile module.

Here you will find a full list of all of your students within the school. 

Medical Tracker automatically links with your management information system either through our own SIMS Exporter or through a Groupcall link. Every 24 hours your account will automatically sync with your M. I . S. Any new information recorded on your M.I.S will automatically pull through including new students, updated contact information or students that move to former roll.  

You can now Click into individual students profiles to see all of the students information. The basic information will be at the top, contact information for emergency contacts below and any uploaded documents can be accessed on the right hand side. You can also add in the GP details of the child and print off a whole report to tell you the important information, e.g. Medical conditions.

You can also access any records for a particular student by selecting ‘Care plans’, ‘Incidents’ or “Medication Use’. Here we will centralise any records on Medical Tracker for that student. You can simply click into a record to find out more information including all the D.F.E required information and any contact there has been with parents.