When you log in to Medical Tracker, navigate to the Admin module of the Medical Tracker application where you will be able to select SIMS from the list of add-ons. 

It is important that you install Medical Tracker on the same Server that SIMS is used on so that they can connect properly. Click generate Token to create a unique access point for the server. Once this has been done, download the MT xPorter that is right for your system, if in doubt download the 32 bit version.

Once you have successfully downloaded the Installer, run it and follow the Installation Wizard. Once the installation is completed, run the application and enter the SIMS credentials into the panel when asked. 

  • SIMS Server --> The names of your SIMS server then the share name (e.g. SIMSSERVER\INSTANCE).  How to find your server instance name?
  • SIMS DB --> The name of your SIMS Database
  • SIMS Username --> The username of the account created and placed within specific groups in order for the Extractor to have access to the SIMS data (See Configuring SIMS for further information on this)
  • SIMS Password --> The password of the account created and placed within specific groups in order for the Extractor to have access to the SIMS data

Once this has been filled in, navigate to where you saved Medical Tracker and open the Account.xml to check the credentials have been saved correctly. 

Finally ensure you check the update schedule by opening Windows Task Scheduler and that it does not coincide with SIMS update time as the MIS will not be available.

Some points to note:

SIMS Link User Groups - Click here for our guide on User Groups in SIMS as these are one of the most common problems with Medical Tracker. Firewall issues can be also very common.

When you create a user you need to make sure you log in for the first time in to SIMS.net to set a permanent password.

When going through the Medical Tracker install, once complete the scheduled task is created under the user that was logged in.  It’s normally best to create a separate “service account” in Active Directory with administrator rights for medical tracker to run independently. If you are using server 2008+ the account which is used requires “log on as a batch job” rights which can be added via secpol.msc or the Default Domain Controllers Policy.

By default the task created by Medical Tracker sets the “Do not store password” which causes the task to fail, this needs to be unticked, combined with a new Active Directory account for Medical Tracker a password can be stored in the task. I also normally tick “run with highest privileges” to make sure it works without any issues and also tick Hidden.