Medical Tracker's Care Plan is used to create medication administration consent forms.

This guidance will take you through how to create a medication administration consent form for short-term medication use e.g. Penicillin, paracetamol etc. On Medical Tracker we call a 'medication administration consent form' a 'short term care plan'.

You can find the Department of Education's guidance on administrating medication to students in your school by 'Clicking here'.

To begin you will need to select the 'Care Plan' module and then 'Create Care Plan'. 


A new care plan is defaulted to a long term care plan so you will need to select 'Short term' from the 'Care plan type' drop-down. 


Select 'Save' and then press 'Edit'. We can now enter the information for the particular medication you are creating a medication administration consent form for.


Select 'Add condition' and we will now complete the following fields:

Medication name

Last day medication needs to be taken:

Dosage of medication

Timing (if applicable)

Timing (if applicable)

Timing (if applicable)

Date medication dispensed

Self administration

Special precautions


Once this information has been entered- press 'Save'. If the student is taking multiple medications you can add another one by pressing 'Add condition'.


You will then need to enter 'Procedures to take in an emergency'- if this isn't necessary just type 'Not applicable'. 


You can also take this opportunity to upload any files that relate to this medication- if you want to photocopy the label of the medication or a prescription this is a great time to do it. You can do this by selecting 'Upload file'.


Once completed press 'Save'. 


This will then take you to the short term care plan you have just created. 

You now export this as a medication consent form to a PDF by selecting 'Print Consent Form'. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some browsers will ask you to allow pop-ups in the top right hand corner- please select 'Always allow pop-ups from'.