Medical Tracker's First Aid Tracker is used to record all first aid related incidents for students, staff, visitors and contractors.

This guidance will take you through how to record a first aid incident involving a staff member, contractor or visitor.


To begin you will need to select the 'First Aid Tracker' and then select 'Record First Aid Incident'. In the top right hand corner you will see two options 'Student' and 'Other'- we default the incident to a 'Student' however you will need to select 'Other'.


This will then take you to a new form specifically designed for staff, contractors and visitors. The information you record will enable you to submit a RIDDOR if necessary. 


To record an incident you will need to complete the following fields:

Name of first aider

Location of incident ('click here' for guidance on how to manage locations in your school)

Date of incident (automatically defaults to today's date)

Time of incident (automatically defaults to current time)

Injury description

How it happened?

About the injured person

  • Title

  • Forename

  • Last name

  • Address line 1

  • Address line 2

  • Address line 3

  • Town

  • Postcode

  • Phone number

  • Gender

  • Age

RIDDOR details

  • Kind of accident

  • Work process involved in the incident

  • Main factor involved in the incident

  • About the severity of the person's injuries

  • If the person died as a result of their injury

  • If the person did not die, they sustain one of the listed injuries

  • If the injury prevented the person from carrying out their routine work for more than 7 days

Who the injured person was

  • Employee

  • Training scheme

  • Employed by someone else

  • Work experience

  • Self-employed

  • Member of the public (includes pupils,students, customers, patients)


Once finished click 'Save'

You will then be taken to a report detailing the incident you have just recorded.



You have now recorded a first aid incident for a staff, contractor or visitor.