You will need to add all your school's first aid qualified staff to Medical Tracker. There are four main reasons for doing this:

1. First aid qualified staff names will automatically appear in a drop-down when recording a first aid incident or medication use.

2. Medical Tracker will track how many incidents each member of staff deals with which will help plan future training requirements.

3. Eight weeks before the qualification is due to expire we will email the nominated contact in your school (this person can be changed within the 'Admin' module), and the first aid qualified staff member, to notify them that the first aid qualification is due to expire and they need to book onto a new course.

4. You can print a first aid qualified staff list directly from Medical Tracker to display in your school.


To begin you will need to select the 'Admin' module and then select 'School Staff'. 





Select 'Add new staff member' and fill in the necessary details and then tick 'Are you a qualified first aider?'.

Please note: The email address you enter for the staff member will be the email address we use to notify them before their first aid qualification is due to expire.


You will then need to fill in the following details: 

Room location


Qualification obtained on?

Qualification expires on?

Once finished just press 'Save'. 

The first aid qualified staff member has now been added- it's as easy as that!



To edit a staff member simply select their name in the list of 'School Staff' within the 'Admin' module.


Edit the details you want to change. For example if the staff member has refreshed their qualification just select the new qualification expiry date. 

Then press 'Save'.

The details have been successfully updated!



To delete a staff member simply select their name in the list of 'School Staff' within the 'Admin' module and press 'Delete'.

Please note: Even if you delete a staff member all records recorded by them, or that involved them, will still be saved with their details.