Ensure that this new user account is added to specific groups within SIMS in order to have sufficient security permissions for the SIMS Extractor to gain access to SIMS.net.

Within the System Manager window, you will need to click the dropdown list beside the option Assign Users to User Group option and select one of the required groups below: 


  • Third Party User

  • TP Superuser

  • Third Party Reporting


After having selected one of these groups you are then able to select the button Assign Users to User Group as can be seen below.

By Clicking Assign Users to User Group you will then be presented with a further popup where you must select which users will be part of this group.

In the top list scroll down until you find the newly created user. Select the user and click Choose to move them into the selected area. This will add the user to the group. You can now click Update.


Once you have successfully done this click update at the bottom left of this window to save your changes and return to the system manager window. Please repeat for all 3 groups.