Please use these instructions to make a CTF file from Phoenix E1 which can be used to make or update a Medical Tracker database. 

Creating the CTF 

Choose Tools - Choose Data Exchange - Choose CTF - Choose Export

Choose This School, scroll down and click on Continue.

With Current Pupils in the Pupil Type box, click on Search to bring up all of the current pupils.

Tick the Roll no. box at the bottom left of the screen to select all of the pupils then click on Continue at the bottom of the window.

Select the details for export. Tick Basic Details, Address Details, Pupil Telephone Number(s) and Contact Details.

Click on Export

In the Export Status window the file at the top of the list will be the CTF just exported. If it is displayed as pending click OK to close the Export Status window.

Return to the Export Status window at any time by clicking on Export Status in the menu on the left of the screen, eventually the file will be created.

Click on the filename to download the file to your computer. You can see a list of any errors by clicking on the Exported with Errors message if it exists. Click on individual pupil names for further details of errors. Non fatal errors will not prevent use of the CTF file.

Uploading the CTF to Medical Tracker:

To upload your CTF file to your Medical Tracker database you will need to select the 'Admin' module and then 'School CTF Manager'. 

Select which Management Information System you exported the data from and then select 'Choose File'. Find the CTF you just created and press 'Open' and then 'Upload New Student Data'. 

It will take around 10-30 seconds to upload the data. 

Once successful you will be taken to the 'Students' module and you will see a green success message. 

For more detailed guidance 'Click here'.