Please use these instructions to make a CTF file from Wauton Samuel Pasapp which can be used to make or update a Medical Tracker database.  

Creating the CTF  

From the main menu choose Pupils 

Select Class Changes and Transfers 

Select Generate Transfer Forms 

At the top of the next screen select Background and Contacts. 

In the Which Pupils section, click on the Whole School button, or select the required year group if assessment data is to be exported. 

In the Data Collection or Transfers section choose Data Collection.

In the Single or Multiple Output Files section choose Single File.

When ready click on Generate Transfer Information. Click No to creating a file for your Local Authority.

The final message will tell you where the exported CTF has been saved. Note that your file is named with XXXXXXX in the title.

Uploading the CTF to Medical Tracker:

To upload your CTF file to your Medical Tracker database you will need to select the 'Admin' module and then 'School CTF Manager'. 

Select which Management Information System you exported the data from and then select 'Choose File'. Find the CTF you just created and press 'Open' and then 'Upload New Student Data'. 

It will take around 10-30 seconds to upload the data. 

Once successful you will be taken to the 'Students' module and you will see a green success message. 

For more detailed guidance 'Click here'.