With our user management system, comes the ability to create your own custom teams. This gives you greater control over who has access to what areas of Medical Tracker. You will be able to stop people from editing or deleting incidents. 

Where to go?
To create and edit your teams, you need to navigate to the settings panel, which can be accessed by clicking on the badge in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The Settings page

From the setting page, you will be able to see all of your users and how the levels they have. In the top right-hand corner, you can see two buttons, 'Create User' and 'Create Teams' to create your own custom team press 'Create Team'

Creating a custom team

Once you have opened up the create team page, you will be able to select the name of the team and then go through and select the permissions. The permissions are selected through a simple tick box. By default all areas are off, and to enable access to a particular area, simply click and slide into the on position. 

In the below example you can see that student access is turned off, but parent communication is turned on. This means that this user will be able to inform parents of an incident, but won't be able to see all of the student's details.

Once you have selected all of the permissions, save the team. Once you have saved it you will see that the new team has been added to the list.

To assign your user to your newly created team, simply select the user from your user list and then change their team. Once they have logged out 

and back in, they will then have the new team assigned to them.

From this page you can also reset and remove your users using the Actions button.