Groupcall is a quick and simple way of connecting you MIS if you are using an alternative to Capita SIMS. This guide will detail the steps you take, whether you have an account or not.

First, navigate to the Admin module in the application and select add-ons, you will see a list of three options, Groupcall, SIMS and Schoolcomms. Click the Groupcall option and click the button labelled 'Get Started'. This will take you to the Groupcall Login page. 

If you already have a login for Groupcall, simply enter in the username or email address connected to the account, hit next, and you will be asked to give the password. 

You will then be asked to authorise the data link between your MIS and Medical Tracker using Groupcall. Once this has been completed you will be taken back to the 'Admin' panel of Medical Tracker. You will then need to select 'Add-ons' and 'Groupcall' again but this time select 'Update Now'. This will then complete the data sync. 

If you do not have a login for Groupcall, click the link that reads 'No account? Sign your school up for free now!'. This will take you to a form that will ask for a Postcode, LEA+Estab code or the school's URN.  Fill in one of these fields and you will be presented with another form that asks for Name, Email and a Phone number. Select your school from the list and press 'Next'. Groupcall will then contact you directly to set-up your Groupcall account. 

Once you have successfully logged in, press 'Update' and you will have successfully connected your MIS to Medical Tracker.