Connecting Medical Tracker With Schoolcomms

This article will help you connect Medical Tracker with Schoolcomms. This will allow you to text parents or carers directly through Medical Tracker using your Schoolcomms account.

If you have already set up the link and you are experiencing an 'Access_Denied' error message please go to Settings > Add-ons > Schoolcomms and select 'Disconnect' before following these steps.

  • Go to Schoolcomms website Schoolcomms

  • Login to your Schoolcomms account


  • Select User accounts

  • Select the user who will be sending messages through Medical Tracker

  • Edit Role to be School Multi-User Administrator


Schoolcomms users accounts page

  • Open Schoolcomms Desktop Application

  • Login using the same credentials

schoolcomms login
  • From the Schoolcomms Desktop Application and send a test message to make sure the user account has permission

Send message Schoolcomms
  • While still logged in the Schoolcomms Desktop Application

  • Login into Medical Tracker

  • Goto Settings > Add-ons > Schoolcomms

  • Enter the same Schoolcomms logins and press connect.

  • You are now successfully connected with Schoolcomms.

Please ensure you are filling in the correct boxes with the correct corresponding information.