Exclude all: Student data is not appearing in Medical Tracker

Within manage.groupcall.com you are able to set up certain parameters to help manage GDPR controls within your school. This allows you to stop the importing of certain student, parent or staff information.


By default, the integration should be set to 'Include all', however, when you log in to manage.groupcall.com you may see that it is set to 'Exclude all' - this will stop all your data pulling through to Medical Tracker. Your data sharing screen will look like this:

include all Groupcall


How do change your management.groupcall.com from Exclude all to Include all?

Log-in to manage.groupcall.com and select 'GDPR'

GDPR location Group call app

Select 'Review GDPR Data Controls'

GDPR data control groupcall

Choose 'Medical Tracker by Conkaa' from the drop-down

select Medical Tracker from drop down list

Click 'Change' - this will allow you to change from 'Exclude all' to 'Include all'

click change button on groupcall

Click 'Change sharing mode'

click change sharing mode button

You should now see 'Include all by default'

Include all by selected

You now need to log in to Medical Tracker and click 'Settings'


Click 'Add-ons'

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 13.59.00


Click 'Save and update now'*

*Do not change the toggles for:

Pre-admission students
School staff
Medical conditions

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 13.59.54


Click 'Students' - you should now see all students appearing

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 14.01.16




You can also watch the video below to show how to change this: