Allow users/staff to edit email and letter notifications before sending them to parents or carers

Pre-populated email or letter templates to keep parents or carers up to date are quick and easy for staff to send, however, in some instances, a personal touch to the communication will help give the parent or carer more detailed information.

How do I edit a notification before sending it?

Important: If you cannot edit the notification before sending then you will need to ask the Medical Tracker Administrator of your school to update the permissions of the team your user belongs to. Please click here to find out how to enable this permission.

Once you record an incident you will have the ability to add a personal message for the parent and carer. You will be able to type directly into the template as you can see in the image below. 

Screenshot of personal message to parent/carer


Tip: This will only affect the specific notification being sent to that parent or carer. If you want to update the template please click here.

How do I give users permission to edit notifications before sending them?

1. The ability to edit notifications is a permission-based feature controlled within the team the user belongs to that is controlled within 'Settings' -> 'Users and teams'. 

2. You will need to select the team the user/s are a part of
3. Select 'Team actions -> 'Edit team'

Diagram of how to edit teams

4. Within the 'Team' permission enable 'Edit notification before sending'

5. Hit 'Save' - each user will need to log out and log in again for the updates permissions to take effect.

 Permissions with edit notification toggled on


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