How do I record a witness statement against an injury?

Witness statements are documents that may help to give more context to a particular incident that has happened in case there is an investigation and it needs to be passed on to claims handlers, an insurance company or solicitors in the future.

How do I record a witness statement on Medical Tracker?

Go to 'Incidents' -> Select an existing injury  -> 'More options' -> 'Record witness statement':

Important: All users are able to record witness statements as long as they have permission to 'Add' incidents however the ability to view or edit witness statements is separate permission which will need to be switched on. To turn on the ability to 'View' or 'Edit' incidents for a specific team please click here.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.01.49

With the person who is giving the witness statement you will then need to complete the following fields:
  • Name of witness*
  • Occupation (if applicable)
  • Statement Date* 
  • Email address*
  • Home phone number*
  • Work phone number
  • Work address
  • Home address
  • Do you know the "harmed individual"?
  • Statement*

Important: The user logged in along with a date stamp of when the witness statement was saved or edited will be tracked and can be viewed within the record.

Once complete press 'Save' - the record will now be included within the incident record:

Top tip: You can record as many witness statements as needed.

How do I automatically notify a staff member when a witness statement has been recorded?

Each staff member will a profile within the 'Staff' module. Within each profile, you can have a tab for 'Notifications' which is where you can set-up the notifications outlined above.

Notification off:

toggle off image

Notification on:

toggle on image


Go to 'Staff' -> Select an the staff member -> 'Notifications' -> toggle on 'When a witness statement has been recorded' - complete this for each staff member who will need to be notified:

The staff member will receive the following notification:

How do I allow staff to 'View' and 'Edit' witness statements:

The ability to edit and view existing witness statements is controlled within the team's permissions a user belongs to. To give a team, and therefore the users belonging to that team, permission to edit or view go to 'Settings' -> 'Users and teams' -> Select the team you want to edit from the drop-down:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.03.41

You will then need to press the 'Edit team' button then the 'Incidents' tab within the team:

You can then choose to toggle on 'Edit' and 'View' permissions by toggling on the required permissions and pressing save. The users within this team will then inherit these permissions once they have logged out and logged back in again:

Edit: This allows users with this permission to edit an existing witness statement. A record of who created the original witness statement as well as who edited it will be saved within the record. 

View: This allows users with this permission to view an existing witness statement. 


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