How to mark a record as confidential and limit access for specific users

When recording medical-related incidents there may be records that need to be kept confidential. Ensuring that only certain staff members can access these records will ensure privacy for students within your school.

How do I mark a record as confidential?

When creating a record on Medical Tracker you will have the option to tick the 'Confidential’ button,  the person that created the record will be able to view this as well as users with permission to view confidential records.

Injury form with arrow to confidential tickbox

Which records can be marked as confidential?

The following records can be marked as confidential:

Medication use
Notifiable disease
Intimate care
Mental health

How can I control which users are able to view confidential records?

Caution: Super Admins will automatically be able to view 'Confidential records'


1. The ability to view 'Confidential documents' is a permission set within each team  'Settings' -> 'users and teams' 

2. Click on the greyed-out box 'All users' from the dropdown select your team
3. click on 'Team actions' and edit team.

Settings image

4. Within the 'team' permissions enable 'view confidential documents' - please note you will need to enable 'view confidential documents' within 'Incidents' and 'Medication use'

5. Hit 'Save' - each user will need to sign out and sign in again for the updated permissions to take effect.

 Permissions form for incidents

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