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Parent/carer contact level restriction (Wonde only)

You can now choose which priority level contacts sync to Medical Tracker via Wonde

Emergency contacts up to priority level 9 can be synced to Medical Tracker from your management information system. If you'd like to select or restrict which priority numbers come through to Medical Tracker, you can do this in the Settings area. 

Please note - you can only do this if your management information system is synced to Medical Tracker via Wonde. 

Go to Settings > Add-Ons, and select the Wonde tab:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 09.12.16Here, turn on the 'Parent/carer contact level restriction' button and you will see the priority numbers listed - remove the ones you don't need and leave the numbers you do want to sync. See below - only priority contacts 1 and 2 will sync:

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 09.13.04

Click Save & Update, wait up to 30 minutes and refresh your webpage, and the chosen priority level contacts will display for the students.