Notifying parents of an incident via letter

There may be times when you are required to send a paper copy of a child's incident home.


Step 1. From the dashboard, you will need to go to the incidents module

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.33.57


Step 2. You will now be able to see all the incidents from the current day. Next, click on the incident you would like to send

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.35.16

Top tip: If for any reason, you need to send a notification retrospectively, you can change the date range on the left-hand side.


Step 3. Click on the 'Send notification' button

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.53.03


Step 4. Click on the 'Parents/carers notification' button and select 'Generate letter' from the drop-down

Important: If you are unable to see the Green 'Parent/carers notification' button, please click here to find out how to switch it on

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.53.55

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.54.39


Step 5. You will then be presented with the option to save the letter. Choose where to save this to your computer. Next, go to where you have saved the letter and print 

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 10.55.37

Please note that once you have generated a letter, this will show under communication on the incident record. It will also show that the parents/carers have been notified by displaying a red tick in the Notified column on the incident list.