Recording incidents relating to mental wellbeing and mental health

National initiatives have an emphasis on prevention and early intervention at school and using Medical Tracker, you can track each visit to help identify at-risk students.

How do I record mental health and mental well-being issues on Medical Tracker?

Go to 'Incidents' > 'New incident' > 'Mental Health':

Important: If you cannot see 'Mental Health' in the dropdown, please click here to find out how to switch it on

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 14.49.41

You will then need to complete the required fields:
  • Student's name*
  • Name of first aider*
  • Incident date & time*
  • Condition*
  • What happened next*

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 14.50.49

Once complete press 'Save' - the record will now be associated with the student's profile and will appear in the 'Incidents' module.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 14.53.14

Top tip: If the record should not be viewed by all staff then tick the 'Confidential' box. This will hide it from all staff members who do not have the user permission to view confidential records.

If there are any actions taken after the recording of the incident, it can be recorded within the 'Follow-up' section of the saved record:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.08.51

How do I notify a staff member or parent/carer if a 'Mental health' incident has been recorded?

Once recorded you can alert parents or staff members of an incident using the notification module by selecting 'Send notification':

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.09.26

You can then choose whether to notify a parent/carer, staff member (using internal notification) or both.

Note: A copy of the communication with a parent/carer will be displayed beneath the record within the 'Communication' audit trail

How to switch on the Mental Health form for your school:

Within 'Settings' -> 'Account settings' -> 'Incidents' you need to switch on 'Mental health':

Important: You need to have 'Admin' permissions with the ability to edit 'General settings' to do this