Why is a staff member's personal email showing on their profile?

Medical Tracker uses pre-defined fields to sync data from your management information system - see this guide to find out how you can ensure your data is correct.

You may have found when looking at the Staff module on Medical Tracker that a staff member's personal email address is listed against their profile. This happens when the personal email address is entered in the 'Work email' field on your management information system.

You need to access your management information system, find the staff member's profile and update the contact so that their work email address is listed in 'Work'. Their personal email address can still be saved on the MIS profile but it must be under 'Home' or similar. 

Your MIS is synced with Medical Tracker every 24 hours so you will need to wait until the following morning for the data to update. 

While a staff member's personal email address is listed on their profile, we recommend turning off all automatic staff notifications to prevent any personal or sensitive information from being sent to an email outside the organisation.

If you need further support with updating your management information system, please contact their support team. 

If you have updated the information following the process above, and by the next day the email address has not updated, please contact our Support Team on 020 3868 0776 or email support@medicaltracker.co.uk