New user or password reset email not received

If you've added a new user and they haven't received their login email, there are some things you can try.

Once a new user has been added to your Medical Tracker account, they will receive an email from (see this article on how to add a user: Adding a user)

They need to click on the link to create a new password, and they will be able to login to Medical Tracker. 

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 14.18.49

If this email has not been received, either when adding a new user, or an existing user has requested a password reset, please ensure that you try or retry all of the below:

  • Ask the staff member to check their spam/junk folders
  • Ensure the user is not using a bookmark or a shortcut to access Medical Tracker - please use (when trying to reset a password)
  • Google Chrome is the default browser
  • Double-check that the correct email address has been added when creating the user
  • Check if needs whitelisting with your IT department
  • Delete and re-add the user
  • Ensure your IT department has followed the link and actioned the steps in this guide - Firewall And Network Settings
  • Ensure the user does not have the Medical Tracker email address blocked -
Please ensure you or your IT team try all of the above suggestions, as there are no rules in place from Medical Tracker's side to prevent the email password reset from being sent. If all the troubleshooting has been actioned, this issue will be resolved.