What happens to the data on Medical Tracker at the start of the academic year?

Here, we explain how your data is updated on your Medical Tracker account, and any steps you may need to take to ensure it is accurate.

At the beginning of the new academic year, lots of changes will be happening at school - students have left, new students have started, staff members may have left and new staff members started. Not to mention new medication and care plans!

Medical Tracker syncs automatically each day with your management information system, so any new students or staff will be updated on the relevant modules.

For any staff that have left or are leaving that have a user login for Medical Tracker, you need to go to Settings > Users & Teams, find their email in the user list, click on it, select Actions and choose 'Remove user'. They will no longer have access to Medical Tracker. 

You can use our guide on removing users for more information: How to remove a user

Please note that only Super Admins or users with access to this setting will be able to do this.

Any staff members that have left need to be manually removed from the Staff module. Go to their staff profile, click Options, and select 'Delete staff record':

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 16.07.12

Information on current staff members' profiles such as email address, class and year group will be updated from your management information system.

For students, leavers will no longer have a student profile but their incident and medication use records can still be accessed on Medical Tracker. Any medical conditions will be automatically archived so that you can still access them if required.

Current students' profiles will be updated with their new class and year group. 

When you add new students to your management information system, they will sync with Medical Tracker.

The only manual processes for you to action will be removing user logins for staff who have left, deleting staff profiles for those that have left and adding any qualifications and notifications to new profiles on the Staff module. You may also need to add medication and care plans to medical conditions for new students, or review and update care plans and medication for existing students.

Our guide on managing medical conditions can be viewed here