How to set medical condition options

In these settings, you can choose to enable the upload of care plans, care plan forms and online parent approval.

Below are the medical condition configuration options, select the relevant options and press the Save button.

Enable Careplan Uploads - if turned on, this allows users to upload care plans (IHCPs) to a medical condition record on Medical Tracker. 

Enable Careplan Forms - if turned on, this allows users to fill in the care plan form on Medical Tracker and save it directly to the medical condition. 

Enable Online Parent Approval - this allows users to send an online approval request to parents/carers so they can check and approve their child's medical record and care plan. 

Whether you choose to upload a careplan or complete a care plan form, either can be sent for parent approval.

To learn more about adding a medical condition to Medical Tracker, please see this guide.

To learn more about editing an existing medical condition, please see this guide

To learn more about using the online parent approval feature, please click here